You practice law. We do the rest.

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services. Today, AmStar is on the leading edge and remains one of the fastest growing LPO companies in the U.S.

AmStar can help your law firm level the playing field by giving you access to high-quality legal support services. Whether your plan includes growth, expansion or simply more time to enjoy your life, AmStar is the right choice.

AmStar can help you increase your profits

AmStar provides complete Chapter 7 and 13 Case Support and Petition Preparation for scores of Bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.

Our professionals will provide your comprehensive Case Support and Petition Preparation, handling 85% of the casework involved in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings, including:

Pre-filing document collection *minimum documents required upon submission

  • Pre-filing due diligence including
  • Pacer check
  • Pull credit report
  • Coordinate pre and post petition Credit counseling
  • Public records search
  • Means test calculations
  • Petition Preparation
  • Plans and schedules preparation in Chapter 13 cases
  • 341 hearing support if desired
  • Post 341 support
  • Send Trustee required documents
    And much more

It's easy to work with AmStar.

  • We help you increase your caseload without having to increase your overhead.
  • It's simple and easy to start; just 30 minutes to set up a seamless integration between our offices.
  • No volume requirements. Submit as few or as many cases or as like.

Our Team

  • Our professional paralegals and experienced attorneys on staff have over 100 years combined Bankruptcy experience. This distinguishes us from Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (VBA's).
  • Each client is assigned two dedicated paralegals; ensuring the highest quality of work product.
  • Bilingual paralegals are available.

Our Process

Subject to your review and supervision performs the following:

  • Your AmStar paralegal team will complete the document collection process.
  • Next, AmStar performs all due diligence including; credit report, public records search, Pacer check, Means test, personal and real property valuations and much more.
  • After completing the due diligence, we will immediately alert you to any red flags.
  • We will prepare the Chapter 7 petition and the Plan for Chapter 13 filings.

Our Technology

  • The AmStar Dashboard; your secure web portal:
  • AmStar uploads all information and documentation from your cases to YOUR private and secure Dashboard. This secured, web-based interface is created on your behalf to provide you 24/7 access to all your case documents; allowing you to monitor the progress. You have on-demand access to everything you need from any Internet connection. Every document associated with your cases is uploaded to your dashboard for your easy and efficient case management.
  • Electronic case submission is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Enter your client's name, address and phone number.
2. Attach any documents you've collected.
3. Check out. The process begins.

Additional support available

  • Once you file the petition, AmStar can also assist with the 341 hearing as well.
  • We will prepare the debtor for the 341 hearing  providing them a meeting reminder; directions; and a brief as to the expectation of the hearing
  • We will provide a Quick Reference Cover Sheet for you to bring to the hearing so you are well versed in every nuance regarding the case.

Our Promise

  • AmStar maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on bankruptcy.
  • We will handle nearly 85% of the casework involved.
  • You are "in-charge" so your clients will always remain in contact with you and your firm.
  • You will always have complete access to AmStar's supervisory staff.

Key Reasons to Outsource your Case Support

  • Save 85% time - transfer time spent with non-legal tasks to new client development
  • Save money - reduce overhead costs associated with hiring, training and management
  • Improve efficiencies - properly manage fluctuations in case load from small to large volumes    
  • Quick entry to new area of legal practice - capitalize from AmStar expertise in complex areas of law
  • Outperform competition  - seize market share with high quality work flow and quick  production

Formally approved by the ABA in 2008, outsourcing legal support is now a popular and accepted way to build your caseload without increasing overhead and expense.

AmStar: You Practice Law. We Do the Rest. ™

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