AmStar Foreclosure Defense Support

AmStar is your single source for foreclosure defense support. We handle 85% of the casework involved a Foreclosure Defense Case; hence our motto: “You practice Law, We do the rest.”™

Subject to your review and supervision, our services including:

  • Extensive Securitization review in each case
  • Pleadings preparation
  • Legal research
  • Case management
  • Complete Paralegal support

Our Team

  • Our professional paralegals and legal assistants on staff have handled hundreds of foreclosure defense cases.
  • Each client is assigned two dedicated paralegals with legal assistant support.
  • AmStar paralegals on the Foreclosure Defense Team focus exclusively on Foreclosure Defense cases.
  • Bilingual paralegals are available.

Our Process

Securitization Review

  • Paralegals will perform a comprehensive securitization review, including document examination and alert for red flags, improper assignments or notarizations and other inconsistencies.
  • Securitization Document Identification and Collection:
    • Assist attorneys with locating Trust filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") to show the mortgage securitization process to the subject loan. This includes:
      • Identification of the Trust;
      • Identification of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement ("PSA");
      • Identification of the relevant sections of the Trust addressing its guidelines, requirements and timetables for receiving, servicing and transferring mortgage loan assets.
    • A more detailed analysis including whether or not the Trust properly received an assignment of the mortgage loan documents are addressed under Securitization, PSA and Assignment Research below.
  • Securitization, PSA and Assignment Research:

In addition to the above work, we will assist Law Firm with:

  1. Supplemental research necessary to;
    • Reconstruct the negotiation, transfer and delivery of the Note;
    • Review of Note endorsements and the assignment of Mortgage/Deed of Trust to determine whether the Trust is the actual owner of the Mortgage/Note in question (the "A-B-C-D Chain");
    • Identification and documentation of the requirements in the PSA and the Transaction Structure that must be satisfied before the Trust can properly receive mortgage loans; and,
    • Identification of the Originator of the Loan, the Trustee, the Servicer, the Custodian, the Depositor, and the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit ("REMIC").
  2. • Additionally, we will provide to Law Firm our results of our investigation of all parties to the Assignment(s) of Mortgage/Deed of Trust to determine:
      • Statutory (non)compliance of the Assignment's execution;
      • Corporate status of the parties to the Assignment;
      • Applicable omissions and mistakes;
      • Possible fraudulent actions;
      • The (non)authority of the named Notary Public;
      • Civil and/or criminal proceedings against the parties to the document; and, as available,
      • The party's employment and other civil actions which may have depositions of any of these same parties.

Our Technology

AmStar Dashboard, your secure web portal:

AmStar uploads all information and documentation from your cases to YOUR private and secure Dashboard. This secured, web-based interface is created on your behalf to provide you 24/7 access to all your case documents; allowing you to monitor the progress. You have on-demand access to everything you need from any Internet connection. Every document associated with your cases is uploaded to your dashboard for your easy and efficient case management.

Electronic case submission is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Enter your client's name, address and phone number.
2. Attach any documents you've collected.
3. Check out and pay the case fee cap. The process begins

Pleadings Preparation

  • AmStar will then prepare pleadings and motions for your case in a BEST PRACTICES FORMAT for your review.
  • Our paralegals will discover exactly where in the process your case is and will prepare the pleadings for that particular stage.
  • We will never tell you what to file; only provide requested draft documents for your review.
  • All of our work is subject to your review and filing.

Our Promise

  • AmStar maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on foreclosure defense strategies.
  • We will continue to provide an easy and seamless integration of your office

Key Reasons to Outsource your Case Support

  1. Save 85% time – transfer time spent with non-legal tasks to new client development
  2. Save money – reduce overhead costs associated with hiring, training and management
  3. Improve efficiencies – properly manage fluctuations in case load from small to large volumes
  4. Outperform competition - seize market share with high quality work flow and quick production

Formally approved by the ABA in 2008, outsourcing legal support is now a popular and accepted way to build your caseload without increasing overhead and expense.

AmStar: You Practice Law. We Do the Rest. ™

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