“Amstar’s bankruptcy support gives me my life back.” William Galarza


“Amstar permits the lawyers in my firm to concentrate on their legal professions.” Luis A. Torrens


“I was able to develop my practice without increasing my overhead.” Sandra Wiseman

"Grow Your Practice Without The Overhead."


Have you ever considered outsourcing as an option for legal support? Many attorneys are moving towards outsourcing their Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy support to save time, lower overhead costs and better manage their fluctuation in cases. Amstar is a leading provider in legal support service specializing in Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense . What does the ABA have to say about Outsourcing?

“Outsourcing affords lawyers the ability to reduce their costs and often the cost to the client to the extent that the individuals or entities providing the outsourced services can do so at lower rates than the lawyer’s own staff..,”
“There is nothing unethical about a lawyer outsourcing legal and nonlegal services…”
ABA Opinion – August 2008


Amstar's key bankruptcy support benefits:



Upon the initial interview, Amstar's certified bankruptcy paralegal will contact the client within 24 hours of submission, set-up credit counseling, complete short questionnaire, begin valuations, order credit report, collect documents, prepare petition offer 341 Hearing support and more...


For a complete detail list of Amstar's bankruptcy support, visit our web site www.amstarlitigation.com




Keys To Good Search Engine Optimization


In addition to providing legal support, Amstar is committed to helping our clients grow their practice. "Keys to good search engine optimization," is a 3 hour presentation on the basic fundamentals on improving search engine rankings. The power point presentation gives a step by step guideline on how to optimize your law firms' web site and achieve higher rankings. One of the key components to dominating the front page listings on Google and other popular search engines is building proper links. Amstar has researched and provided a listing of over 40 top search engine friendly directories, most are free, that your law firm web site can link to. By setting up these links your web site will be found much more quickly and improve your rankings on search engine results.



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